Save time and money on your check processes with WyChecks – the check signing and laser check printing solution of choice for credit unions. WyChecks provides the speed, reliability and high performance today’s credit unions need, especially in high-volume environments. From billion-dollar credit unions to single-branch institutions, WyChecks provides a simple, seamless and secure solution for check signing, printing and archiving. Also with our new Wycom Enterprise Docs Edition, you can easily add on a solution to create personalized starter or temporary checks on the spot for improved account holder satisfaction!

WyChecks delivers:

  • Browser-based simplicity: The browser-based administrator panel is your virtual key to easy, efficient and secure management of your Enterprise solution.
  • Installation choice: Enterprise can be installed as an independent hardware device or installed on your virtual servers.  You can choose which scenario best suits your organization.
  • Tremendous security: Enterprise securely stores valuable signatures, logos, check overlays and user accounts on the hardware – not on your system. Browser-based log-in is protected by passwords, so you can allow different levels of access for administrators, supervisors and users.
  • Multiple printer support: WyChecks offers you the ability to support an unlimited number of check printers. Just add them as needed to your network.
  • Flexible options: Automate check signing with your current check printers or take the next step and begin laser printing your checks using blank laser check stock. We can even convert dot matrix data to laser quality output with our Dot Matrix Conversion option. Add on the Wycom Enterprise Docs Edition and you’re ready to provide account holders with personalized starter or temporary checks right from the teller line, including all of the information needed to ensure they’re accepted by merchants.
  • Fraud protection: The check amount is a forge-resistant graphic (not simple text), reducing your risk of fraud. WyChecks can even suppress signatures or void checks when amounts exceed your pre-determined dollar limits.
  • Better control: WyChecks centralizes check signing control for all of your branches, securing your valuable check forms and signatures on the WyChecks unit.
  • Improved efficiency: WyChecks signs and prints a negotiable check in one pass, automatically routing checks to the right branch location printer on your network.
  • Automatic archival: WyChecks can instantly store check images as PDFs to your existing imaging system – cutting paper costs, eliminating manual scanning, saving storage space, and speeding check retrieval.
  • Cost savings: Eliminate the high costs of pre-printed check stock by using WyChecks to print to blank safety paper. Print any check type to any printer on your network without changing stock – and avoid the worries of securely storing checks in multiple branches.
  • Simple set-up: WyChecks requires no mechanical downtime and no new software to learn. We program your unit at the factory to your specifications. You simply connect it to your network and you’re ready to go.
  • Easy administration:Need to add new forms or signatures? Use our integrated encryption software to download them to your unit. WyChecks is also pre-compatible with the latest operating system releases, so you can avoid the costs and downtime of operating system upgrades.

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