Secure Check Signing and MICR Check Printing With WYCOM WyPayments.

WyPayments is a scale-able solution tailored to your organization’s needs. WyPayments will interface with your accounting software and laser printers to simply sign pre-printed checks, or it can be customized to print complete checks on blank check stock with payment approval prior to check printing. Once checks are printed, PDF copies are created and stored within WyPayments own searchable utility.

Simple to Use

Signature resources and account programming reside securely in WyPayments. To sign and print checks in one fast, easy step, just activate the WyPayments system with a secure username and password and choose your account programming. WyPayments retains all check disbursements on an internal audit log, making it easy to research and find check disbursements later.


WyPayments’ security features increase efficiency and maintain control over check disbursements. Secure amount protection and graphical signature backgrounds reduce the risk of amount alterations and signature forgeries. Signatures can be suppressed over Pre-determined dollar limits ensuring further attention and manual signatures on higher dollar checks. Optional payment approval with single or dual approval makes certain checks are not printed without approval from authorized check app rovers you assign in your organization.

The Benefits

WyPayments improves check signing and printing by delivering these valuable advantages:

  • Secure, browser-based login for administrators, supervisors and users
  • Optional payment approval process prior to check printing
  • Digital image archive option that stores non-negotiable PDF check images
  • One-click access to view PDF check images
  • Advanced security through custom graphics for dollar prefixes and amounts, signature suppression and graphical signature backgrounds
  • Ability to add more printer licenses as needed
  • MICR Laser Check Printing option (see reverse side for details)

Check Signing Features

  • Offers easy-to-use browser-based secure log-in for enhanced security
  • Secure log-in enables remote check printing
  • Automatically prints and signs checks in a single pass directly off the printer
  • Signature titles and backgrounds available
  • Prints an optional forgery-resistant graphical protected amount line
  • Supports unlimited account types
  • Payment approval prior to printing checks
  • Provides a detailed check log including the date, check number, payee and an optional .PDF image archive and built in search application (optional)
  • Counts signed checks, voided checks, or all checks
  • Logical amount security limits (e.g. add signature at amount, suppress signature at amount, void at amount)
  • Saves time and offers greater efficiency
  • Securely produces manual checks if your computer system goes down
  • Eliminates signature plates, rubber stamps and mechanical check signers

MICR Laser Check Printing Features (OPTIONAL)

  • Prints more securely by using blank secure check stock instead of preprinted check stock
  • Adds forms, graphics, logos, signatures and MICR information
  • Able to create non-negotiable .PDF check copies and archive all check disbursements (optional)
  • Can print non-negotiable check copies
  • PDF image files can be indexed for import into most imaging platforms (optional)
  • Operates with HP-compatible laser printers
  • Eliminates the need for separate check stock for each bank account
  • Prints a MICR line which meets ABA specifications (with MICR toner cartridge)
  • Supports company and bank logos, forms, and graphics
  • Can print check copies with “COPY” in place of signature and “NONNEGOTIABLE” in MICR line
  • Secure blank check stock can be pulled from alternate trays
  • Prints check numbers (even for customers who do not send check numbers)
  • Check numbers are always in sequence
  • No checks to void when printer jams
  • Auto sense automatically recognizes which check form to print

WyPayments Payment Approve Module

Send an emil request to your authorized check “approvers” to approve, hold or deny the actual check payment. They can also view the check prior to printing. Once approved your staff can quickly securely print out all approved checks!

Pre Printed or Blank Secure Check Sock: You Choose

Use WyPayments to sign your pre-printed checks, or use the MICR option to securely and efficiently print checks using secure blank check stock!


  • Multiple printer support available
  • Works with any HP-compatible printer
  • Compatible with the MICR Laser Check Printing option

Standard WyPayments Pricing Includes

  • 1 signature
  • 1 check account/application (e.g. payroll, accounts payable, etc.)
  • 90-day factory warranty
  • 1 printer license
  • Additional signatures, custom logo prefixes, printer licenses, applications, and MICR Laser Check Printing are available for an additional charge

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