Wycom makes printing a high volume of checks fast, secure and efficient for accounts payable departments, payroll departments and credit unions. Wycom laser check printing solutions offer all of the advantages of printing checks to blank safety paper – eliminating the high costs of pre-printed check stock and the challenges of securely storing checks.

For Accounts Payable and Payroll Departments or For Credit Unions: Wycom Enterprise

The browser-based Wycom Enterprise brings speed, simplicity and security to even the highest-volume environments – making it fast and easy to print checks to any network printer you enable. Print checks to blank secure check stock using our MICR Laser Printing option and you’ll save considerably over custom stock. Enterprise supports your custom logos, graphics and forms – while keeping your signatures, checks and overlays securely stored on the hardware. With processing speeds up to 20 times faster, Enterprise will accelerate your check printing.

For Credit Unions: WyChecks

WyChecks supports high-speed, high-volume laser check printing across multiple printers – providing an ideal solution for credit unions with multiple branches. WyChecks gives you the flexibility to add custom logos, graphics and forms, supports multiple check types, and provides critical security features like fraud-resistant graphics, key control access, and centralized control. Use WyChecks to print checks to blank secure check stock, and watch your paper costs drop significantly. Automatically create PDF images of all of your check disbursements.

For Accounts Payable and Payroll Departments: WyPayments

WyPayments is an easy-to-use software solution that interfaces with your accounting system to enable simple laser check printing and signing in a single pass. Turn your network printers into secure laser check printers with WyPayments. You gain the flexibility to use pre-printed check stock or print to secure blank check stock using our MICR laser printing option.