Reduce your receipt paper and storage costs with WyReceipts – the electronic receipt solution of choice for credit unions. WyReceipts will quickly print thermal receipts and also give you the option of capturing member signatures with a signature pad right at the teller line. WyReceipts speeds member service and avoids the high cost and labor of handling paper. It’s a simple, efficient tool that will help you reduce costs and increase productivity.

WyReceipts delivers:

  • Cost savings:WyReceipts significantly cuts your expenses by eliminating expensive continuous-form receipts with duplicate copies. Provide a receipt copy for members, then store the credit union’s copy electronically – eliminating costly labor for manual scanning and indexing and reducing your storage needs.
  • Improved efficiency:By instantly archiving receipts on your server as PDFs, WyReceipts eliminates paper receipt bundling at day’s end. Retrieving a receipt is simple: just search by date, time, date/time range, full or partial member number, or full or partial teller number. WyReceipts even indexes receipts with scanned checks and member identification.
  • Email receipt feature: Allows for member to select how they would like receipt – no receipt, printed or email.
  • Faster service: WyReceipts’ one-click receipt printing speeds the teller line and improves member service. If members need a receipt copy later, it’s easy to access and send via e-mail.
  • Greater accuracy: Electronic archiving and indexing with WyReceipts eliminates the manual steps that lead to errors and costly rework.
  • Enhanced flexibility:WyReceipts puts you in control in many ways. Use it with tablet or LCD signature pads; add logos, colors, or marketing messages; adjust window size, placement and highlight colors; and mask all or part of an account number for improved security.
  • Space savings: Use WyReceipts with small-footprint receipt printers at the teller line, freeing up space that’s already at a premium.
  • Simple set-up: Since WyReceipts integrates with your existing equipment, processes and data files, installation is fast and easy. That means you can get started right away – and begin realizing the cost savings sooner.
  • Easy administration:WyReceipts works with your current imaging system, without new software to learn and maintain, and without computer downtime.
  • Incremental installation: Install WyReceipts at your own pace, rolling it out workstation-by-workstation or branch-by-branch if you choose. It’s a great way to take advantage of WyReceipts as you acquire new hardware devices such as signature pads and thermal printers.

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