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Looking for a simple, secure solution that separates the check signing function? WySign holds the key! For organizations that want to separate check signing and printing, WySign is the optimal choice. WySign eliminates the drawbacks of noisy, cumbersome mechanical check signers – providing a streamlined approach that turns your laser or inkjet printer into a secure check signer.

WySign delivers:

  • Exceptional security: With your signatures encrypted on the secure WySign USB key, you can be confident your check signing is safe and protected. Our custom signature backgrounds offer fraud protection – reducing the risk of duplicity. You determine which functions each authorized user can access for greater control of vital tasks like check signing, report printing, and check overlay creation.
  • Simple overlay creation: No need to waste time measuring for signature alignment, thanks to our graphical interface. Just print the WySign grid on your check and set up signature placement at a glance.
  • Superior ease-of-use: Insert the WySign USB drive into any computer you choose. Log in with a secure user name and password, choose your check overlay, specify the number of checks to sign, and WySign does the rest.
  • Complete audit trail: The WySign audit log accounts for every check signed – showing you an accurate picture of which user signed checks, when, and the overlays and signatures they used.
  • Tremendous flexibility: Use the WySign USB key on any computer, with no need to install special software on a dedicated workstation. WySign supports an unlimited number of check overlays and signatures – offering the flexibility to customize check signing to your needs.
  • Unequalled printer support: WySign is compatible with 99% of the printers available today – giving you the ability to continue using the hardware already installed in your workplace.

    Need to sign and print checks in a single pass? Consider Wycom Enterprise!

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