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"We run 40,000+ checks a year across 26 locations with zero problems. It’s absolutely bulletproof! We can add new printers in minutes. And since it’s integrated with our Symitar system, the whole process is seamless. I only wish we’d added it sooner."

Steve Tupper, Programmer Analyst
A TwinStar CU Company

Need to produce starter or temporary checks for a new member or customer on the spot? Or create and deliver loan coupons, cashier’s checks or money orders quickly and easily from the teller line? The Wycom Enterprise Docs Edition provides everything you need to give your members and customers the documents they need – quickly and efficiently.

Wycom Enterprise Docs Edition delivers:

  • Convenience: Documents are created with the information your members and customers need to begin using them immediately. Starter checks are printed with your logo and the account holder’s name and address to ensure they’re accepted.
  • Cost savings: Use this solution to print cashier’s checks and money orders as needed – avoiding the high costs of pre-printed check stock.
  • Scalability: Use Wycom Enterprise Docs Edition with an unlimited number of network-accessible printers. Also you can assign access authorization to as many employees as you need across your organization. 
  • Customization features: Custom-design your loan coupons and other documents to meet your specific requirements.
  • Improved efficiency: Use the Wycom Enterprise Docs Edition to reduce manual work and increase productivity. Tellers simply log in, enter the required information and print the documents to any network-accessible printer through the Enterprise.
  • Easy archiving: Create and archive a PDF image of checks and other documents for fast retrieval or easy reprinting later using information stored to the database.
  • Improved satisfaction: Provide your members or customers with the peace of mind that they can immediately use documents that merchants and other providers will accept, as opposed to blank checks that may be declined.
  • Greater security: Only authorized users can securely log into the Wycom Enterprise. The solution lets you choose which employees have authorization to access application programming, keeping your documents safe and secure.  
  • Improved record-keeping: Record your staff’s activity automatically using the solution’s event log records, providing a full audit trail.       

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